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Die Hamburger StonerSpaceDronePsychPopBand STARGAZER präsentiert ihr Video zu "In Space", eine Visualisierung zu einer Live-Jam:

"Headphones recommended!
This is a part of a concert we played in September 2022 at the BOOTsWagen Café in Hamburg-Hamm at a lovely place by the river Bille.
It was a really rainy day but when we started to play the sun burst through the clouds and one can literally hear the band soaking up the solar radiation.
The video took several weeks in the making and was generated by the Disco Diffusion AI rendering Engine. Be prepared for a ride through a psychedelic spacetime often inspired by space art from the seventies. Beware of the space dandelions!
Thanks to Jo Nauversen for joining us on bass and mastering the audio and also thanks to BOOT Hamburg for letting us play.
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Hotel Kempauski - Problemstorch Ronny (feat. André/ Knud Voss)

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HOTEL KEMPAUSKI verkünden: "Videopremiere! Unser Ronny jetzt endlich als Multimedia-Ereignis. Lieblings-Kram aus der Region, Gesellschaftskritik und Social-Distancing eingebettet in 4:26 Min. Homerecording auf echt tollem Rock-Niveau (hier ein ironisches Räuspern imaginieren)."


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AFTERMATH - "Temptation Overthrown"

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Chicagos AFTERMATH zählen sich zu den 80er-Jahre-Pionieren des "Crossover Thrash Metal".(?)

Am 23.08.2019 veröffentlichten AFTERMATH das Lyrik-Video "Temptation Overthrown". Es ist das 5. offizielle Video zum aktuellen Release "There Is Something Wrong", welches 2019 erschien.

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