Morgen: MORNE, Teryky und Kilometer 94 in Kiel, Alte Meierei (16.10.2019)

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Infernal Crust Brigade presents:


( balckened post-metal)

Kilometer 94

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Another day, another update.

1. First of all, a really, really massive THANK YOU to Telepathy, MORAST, Seethr, Schafott, Friisk, Karloff, I Am and Arde for their fuckin' awesome shows and making the whole concert a night to remember! That was amazing. Also thanx to everybody who helped us out at entrance and bar and elsewhere (especially to Ace Riff for providing killer sound als always!) annd of course thank you to everyone who came and partied with us! Also, if anyone has taken pictures, please let us know!

2. Next up: after ten years MORNE will be back at Alte Meierei Kiel. Supported by Kilometer 94 and TERYKY, don't miss this show tomorrow!

3. One good news: we will NOT quit at the end of 2019. However, since some stuff has to be sorted out, we will take an extended break after all shows and 2019 are done. Solidarity events are coming though...

4. As always, support your local scene and see you at the shows!

MORNE vor zehn Jahren in der Meierei:

Torsten: "Fussel gibt alles, aber am Ende gewinnt die Lautstärke. "

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