Von Öko, Ethik und Metal - NADIR Interview

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Vor einiger Zeit habe ich ja das aktuelle Album der ungarischen Band NADIR besprochen (hier: http://mosh.dremufuestias.de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2628&Itemid=124 ) und da ich die Band für unterstützenswert halte, habe ich den Jungs mal ein paar Fragen zu ihrer Musik gestellt. Ach, und da ich der Meinung bin, dass das von uns verwendete Englisch nicht allzu schwer zu verstehen ist, stell ich's jetzt einfach mal so ein, ohne es zu übersetzen.


DreMu: Hey, thanks for answering my questions! How are you?

Nadir: We're fine, thank you. And quite busy since the release of the new CD "Eco-ethic". The promotion of the album is still going and we are playing club gigs and festival shows. Recently, we opened for one of our favorite bands and major influence CROWBAR in Budapest. The response of the people who already got the CD or downloaded the album have been very positive as well as the reviews in the press. So it's a great thing that our BOLT THROWER, OBITUARY, EARTH CRISIS influenced, doomy but extreme music gets people's attention besides the trendy stuff.


D: So the band is existing since 1996. Who came up with the idea to start a band?  How did you get started?

N: The band has been founded by our guitarist / songwriter Norbert Czetvitz in 1993 (under the name DARK CLOUDS). We have been playing this kind of extreme doom / death metal with dark atmosphere, only the proportion of the musical "ingredients" changed as time went by. We have been releasing stuff since 1996 and playing live on a regular basis since 1998. "NADIR" was the title of our very first full length album (released in 2000), this is why we took this name in early 2005 when we decided to change it. We started to bring out our recordings self-financed after the bankruptcy of our then label in 2002 and stayed true to this tradition. Meanwhile, we kept on playing live both in Hungary and abroad, and we played with bands such as CROWBAR, PRO-PAIN, D.R.I., VADER, KRISIUN, BORN FROM PAIN, NAPALM DEATH, DYING FETUS, PRONG, ENTOMBED or MERAUDER. Our "Tenacity" album (the first under the name "NADIR") won the "Best album" category of the "Hungarian Metal Awards" in 2005, we won the "Best live act" category in 2008.

D: You're giving your CD’s away for free at the shows, why? And how can you finance that?

N: By giving out our stuff for free we want to get our music across to as much people who go to concerts as possible and our anti-commercial tactics proved to be efficient. As for financial issues, our albums come out as a result of a kind of underground cooperation on the local level.

D: You also put your music for free download an your blog. Did you never wanted to be rich rockstars?

N: Well, you heard our music, so you can imagine how much money we can earn with it... But after all the term "extreme metal" implies that it’s not for everybody. In any case, those who decide to download our stuff can get it from a lot of different sites already. Besides, if we are not able to make it to somewhere (abroad) for whatever reason, people still can listen to our albums there.

D: What are you thinking about the BAD music pirates who download music illegal from the net?

N: That's another sign of the fact that music industry as we know it today is about to collapse. It's too late to reverse it now. For an underground band like us, however, it would be great to see more and more bands releasing their stuff themselves, independently. That would kind of prove our point.

D: The lyrics of NADIR are meaningful. That makes you stand out from many other metalbands. Why are you focusing on political and most of the time animal right themes?

N: The way we see it, our way to treat nature and animals is an important part of human culture and the unbelievable destruction of nature that we see today makes it obvious that mankind is going the wrong way. And what makes it even worse, just a few people are really conscious about the fact that destroying the outside world we are destroying ourselves, too! So, we react to this absolutely inhumane way of living and behaving – a lot more radically than the average. More specifically, we have songs about poachers, animal experiments, animal cruelty etc. Regarding local or global social issues, we discussed those things on our previous albums so actually the topic reoccurs in just a few songs on "Eco-ethic".

D: I am vegan and really dig your lyrics! Are you all vegan / vegetarians? If anyone of you is, how is to live as a vegan / vegetarian in Hungary? Any meat free restaurants etc.?

N: Not all of us are vegans or vegetarians and we don't agitate for this lifestyle but we are definitely open for vegan / vegetarian alternatives. And yes, of course there are vegetarian restaurants in Hungary.

D: Are any of you involved in political groups?

N: No we aren't. Obviously, we have our opinion about things but as musicians, we don't transmit direct political messages whatsoever. Music, and art in general, is a forum above politics and it's purpose is not to serve as a tool of any political party or tendency. And it would make no sense to divide the audience from this point of view.

D: How are your plans in for the future, are you working on a new record? Any other projects beside NADIR and OUR EXISTENCE IS PUNISHMENT?

N: We already have ideas for three new NADIR songs so that's what we are working on right now. OUR EXISTENCE IS PUNISHMENT will soon bring out a new release, too. We don't have any other projects besides that.


D: Hope to see you soon live! Any plans on touring Europe?

N: At the moment, we mainly think of the neighboring countries as far as organizing an international tour. If all conditions are given to carry out a tour, even a rather short one, we will surely do it but all details have to be in place. We wouldn't want to risk the band's unity by undertaking uncertain things. Our line-up has been unchanged since 2003 – and the core of the band came together in 1993 – which is really important.

D: Thanks for your time! Any last Words?

N: Thank you for the interview. For the latest news on the band, check our myspace site ( http://www.myspace.com/nadirhungary ) and you can download our new album – as well as every other Nadir release – for free at http://www.nadir-hungary.blogspot.com .

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